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Excerpt from Chapter One

“Where the hell are my black stockings?”

Allissa Benton dug through the chaos that was her dresser drawer.

“I’m going to be late again. Damn it!”

She found the pair of hose in the bottom of her drawer and quickly put them on. She stumbled through her bedroom and headed out to the kitchen. The coffee maker had just finished brewing cup four and she grabbed blindly for the pot, desperately needing the morning eye-opener.   

 Allissa reached for the cream and her right elbow hit the mug she had just poured. The hot beverage spilled over the counter and on to the floor. She didn’t bother to swear. This happened at least once a week. She just wasn’t coordinated in the mornings. One of these days she’d wake up early and everything would go right. Apparently it wasn’t going to be this morning.   

 Allissa carried her mug of coffee and cream with her to the bedroom and placed it on top of her dresser. The sweet aroma of hazelnut and vanilla began to fill the room. In between sips of the morning blend she put on her favorite outfit for success, a cobalt blue pantsuit made of pure silk. It made her feel feminine, yet powerful. Funny how clothes could do that. Clothes could make a statement. Today she needed to make a big statement, hence the pantsuit. This afternoon she would meet with the company’s vice president to discuss her yearly review. She wanted a promotion. She yearned for the money. She needed to look good today.   

She’d worked for the same company for six years now, starting out as a clerk in the accounts payable department. It seemed like only yesterday that she had begun her career there. Today she was the head of that department, and she wanted more. She wanted the office manager position and she knew that she could get it. She was good at her job.

  Although at times her home life could be described as chaotic, Allissa was very organized at work. She didn’t worry about the contradiction. She knew that people judged her by her career and not by how organized her closets were at home. They didn’t see those closets, thank God, they only saw the professional. Today she wanted them to see that professional in full force.   

 She put on her new pair of black leather heels and surveyed the results. The shoes cost almost half much as the outfit. With a four-inch heel that would make any man weep, they were worth it. If she didn’t get the job, she could use the shoes to spike the life out of her superiors. Either way, she’d get some satisfaction today. She chuckled at the fantasy.

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