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About The Author

Cindy  had spent many years of her adult life as a manager in the Corporate world, including working for a major distributor of books and magazines in the Northeast. As Human Resource manager, Cindy wrote the company newsletters and was often told “you should really be a writer.” Cindy smiled.

It had always been a dream for her to write a story that would not only please her readers, but would also inspire them. After coming into contact with thousands of books during her fifteen years of working for a distributor, Cindy had seen the content of the stories and thought: “I could do better than that!”

So she began to write her first novel, leaving the Corporate world behind in pursuit of her dream. A Crime In Clancey is the first of a series of stories about the residents in the small New England town. After completing the novel, Cindy worked extensively with an editor who told her that she “will miss reading about the characters.” Cindy smiled again.

Now in the process of finding an agent to represent her work, Cindy tries to maintain her unique sense of humor despite the rejection letters she receives. She realizes that the form letters are not from agents who have actually read her work, but from those who are just too busy to take her on as a client. In Cindy’s mind, that’s not a bad thing at all. She’s had to send a few rejection letters of her own to agents who wanted her to sign a contract with them, only to find out that these were not true agents at all: they were self-publishing and e-publishing marketers.

Nevertheless, Cindy forges on with the determination and patience that she learned as a manager in the Corporate world. She knows that one day she will find an agent who will represent her with honesty and integrity. And with that thought comes the biggest smile of all.


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