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Excerpt From Chapter Twenty-three

{the girls from the office meet at Finnegan’s Pub}


Jan noticed Eileen approaching them. She scooted her chair to the left just in time. Eileen sat down at the table with a margarita in her hand, and placed it on the table with such force that some of the beverage sloshed out of the glass and onto the table, just missing Jan’s purse.     

   “Remember the night we all went to that male revue in the city, for Mary’s birthday?” Eileen asked them. “We got drunk on margaritas, and Allissa went up on the stage to dance with one of the guys.”    

     Jan glared at Eileen from across the table, and then she broke out in laughter. Leave it to Eileen to lighten the mood.

       “She didn’t go up on the stage to dance with a stripper,” said Jan. “She went up there on stage to get you off of it!”

       “Oh. Yeah, that’s right,” Eileen responded, “I was just putting a dollar in some guy’s thong, and the next thing I knew, Allissa was leading me off the stage.”     

   “Just putting a dollar in?” asked Ruth. “You had your hand in that man’s underwear for two whole minutes! What the heck were you searching for, lost treasure?”      

  This brought a chuckle from the women.        

“Well, he didn’t seem to mind. After all, he didn’t walk away.” Eileen replied.       

 “That’s because you had a death grip on his privates! The poor guy was afraid to move. Allissa had to practically pull you off of him!” Jan explained. By the now the women at the table were roaring with laughter at the memory.       

 “Then we had to make a run for it, because the bouncers were rushing toward us. Remember that? Mary tripped over a chair and ended up flat on her back in the middle of the aisle. Allissa stumbled over Mary, went flying, and landed smack dab in the middle of some woman’s lap at a nearby table.”

“Oh, come on!” exclaimed Maryellen.

“It’s true,” continued Jan. “Mary would have been trampled by the bouncers had it not been for Allissa, who screamed ‘pervert!’ at the woman she had landed on, then hit her over the head with her purse. The bouncers stopped to look at the woman, and we made a mad dash for the exit.”

Allissa’s friends were laughing so hard, they were crying now.        

“Oh, lordy, that was a wicked good time.” Eileen stated in between laughs. “We all ended up back at Allissa’s apartment where we partied until the cows came home, and woke up with hangovers. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

“She’s a terrific woman,” said Jan, as the laughter subsided. “We have to figure out a way to help her now.”


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